Leonico Ltd owns and operates around 6 websites from content websites such as Competitions UK and UK Free Stuff to micro websites covering a range of specific topics.

Company History

Leonico Ltd was initially named “Leonico Designs Ltd” and was co-founded by Leona Duncan and Nicola Bailey. Who met in their first year at Glasgow School of Art, where they studied design. During their final year they began to develop the idea of designing handmade wedding stationery. They discovered when searching online for wedding invitations for Nicola’s forthcoming wedding that choices were limited and that no one was doing quite what Nicola was looking for. Since both graduating with a BA Hons in Design, they had developed this idea and started their own online service.

However as other parts of the business started to develop they finally made the decision in 2008 to no longer take on any more commissions and to solely dedicate their time to the online marketing sites they have developed due to the “passive” income opportunities these provided.

Early in 2009 Nicola decided to leave the company and Leona bought her shareholding and also bought the minority shareholding of company investors C. Duncan and G. Sandwell, who owned shares in the company from an early investment.

Present Day

Leona holds 100% of the shares in the company, over seeing the running of the company and it’s expansion into more informational websites.