Wedding Venues Guide

Wedding Venues Guide

Getting married, but can’t decide where? Not sure about the legal requirements for weddings at alternative locations? Want to know more about marriages under different religions or just want some top tips for planning your reception? Take a look at this fantastic advice site that has all you want to know about wedding venues.

If you are thinking about a traditional church wedding you can find out what forms you need to fill out and get some handy hints on what questions to ask to minister. There’s some great advice on arranging your order of service and valuable information on traditional wedding etiquette in the church, who sits where and in what order the wedding party should leave.

Alternatively if you’d rather get married in a register office you’ll find some advice about this too. Or if you want to do things a little differently and opt for a historical building of fairytale castle than you’ll find some tips here that you might want to give a little consideration.

If it all seems a bit too much for you and you’d rather just fly away to tie the knot, what about a beautiful beach with the sun shining down as you say your vows , or perhaps go to a romantic city location miles away from home, there’s lots of great ideas for weddings abroad you’re sure to find something perfect for you.

Once you have decided on the venue for your ceremony you’ll have to think about the reception, it may be in the same place (perhaps in a castle) or a completely different country (if you’re getting married abroad and having a party when you come home). We have lots of great advice about hiring caterers, receiving lines, top table seating plans and what drink to provide.

Finally it really is an expensive business getting married and more and more couples are choosing to pay for it themselves however according to tradition there are certain things that should be paid for by certain people, find out who should pay for what!

Wedding Venues Guide

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